Thursday, June 14, 2007


Decorating with coral is a “shore” way to add coastal elegance to your home. Here are a few of my favorite finds for kitchen, bath and tabletop.

I am of two minds where coral is concerned. I love the coastal quality that real pieces and designs inspired by this oceanic wonder connote when used as part of a decorating scheme. Yet, I am afraid that promoting coral in any form leads to further depletion of an irreplaceable natural resource.

Coral reefs, often referred to as the "rainforests of the ocean" because of their astonishing diversity, are so endangered that it is estimated that 70 percent will cease to function as healthy ecosystems in the next 50 years unless drastic conservation measures are taken immediately.

So, treat your home to coral-inspired accent but check out to learn more about helping solve the coral reef crisis.

Coastal Candles,

Raffia Placemats

Coral Reef Dinnerware
Coral Reef Bath Collection


Sue said...

Really pretty uses for coral decor.

Britta's Victorian Tea Parties said...

Barbara, I am excited to have found your blog!

I just got back from a week long trip to California and feel as if I am still there after viewing your lovely photos....

I have always enjoyed the publications you are involved with, so I am CERTAIN I will adore your future book!!

It will be fun having an "insider's view" and watching your progress.

Best Wishes,
Britta Lee Zweibohmer

Anonymous said...

Well, let's try again, since last night's didn't "take."

I was suggesting that I "need" to buy a beach cottage to use some of these finds, most especially those lovely towels, I think. (smile)


Teresa said...

Hi there,
I have enjoyed stopping by your blog, and have to say I am completely in love with your living room banner for your blog. Very sweet!