Sunday, June 3, 2007


These are the latest issues of Cottage Style and Romantic Country. Both isues are on the newstand now!

Cottage Style is filled with clever decorating ideas, tours of six sensational homes and a guide to taking it outdoors for summer fun.

Romantic Country features beautiful homes, a special section on enchanting gardens, sweet treats and simple crafts.

What Does An Editor Do?
If from time to time, you notice a word misspelled or (gasp) an error in punctuation on my blog, let me explain. There are content editors and copy editors. As a content editor, my job was to decide what went into every issue. Everything I wrote, as well as feature stories, captions and blurbs was sent to the copy editors before being printed. Now that I’m working without a net, so to speak, I apologize in advance!

As editor, I not only decided what went into every issue, I managed a staff in New York and Virginia, worked with freelance and in-house art directors and maintained a network of top-notch freelance contributors -- writers, photographers, stylists, illustrators and consultants. I also got to go on photo shoots and occasionally style the homes.


Tara said...

So glad you are blogging Barbara, can't wait for the book(s) to come out! xo~ Tara

Daisy Cottage said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging, Barbara! Looking forward to getting your new book!

Sadie Olive said...

What a fun job! Sounds like it would be amazing. :)

Arlene said...

Welcome to the blogging world, I so look forward to reading your blog and your new book!

FrenchGardenHouse said...


I am so glad you are blogging. I just started not too long ago, and have met the most amazing women from all over the world!

I am going to look for your magazines, the covers make them look completely enticing!

(Just like those cupcakes!)


Sue said...

Love the cupcake pictures. My dream job would have been to be a stylist for a magazine.

Lisa said...

Hello Barbara. I adore your blog, thanks for sharing this journey with us.
I am searching all over the Chicagoland area for the Romantic Country magazine pictured here. Any ideas?

Natasha Burns said...

Just found your link through Tara's blog, I know Tara through Make Mine Pink. I was wondering if you could direct me to a website for Romantic Country magazine, or whether or not you know if I can subscribe to it being in Australia? I have one issue of it and it's great, though it cost me a small fortune to have sent to me ~ over $20 including shipping!!!! I'd love to be able to subscribe to it.
Natasha : )

Cathy said...


I love your blog. Thank you so much for mentioning your Pink Sisters and I am anxiously awaiting my copy of the new Romantic Country.

Can't wait to see your new book.

Florida Binks said...

Hello Ms Jacksier, I stumbled across your site while shopping on Make Mine Pink Web site. I am intrigued by your new book and I think I would also be in love with your magazines "Romantic Country" and "Cottage Style"..however, I cannot seem to find a web site for subscribing? I tried Google/Yahoo/&
Dogpile searches..even emailed one of the MMP ladies for help. Is it possible to subscribe? I wonder if you would be so kind to advise? Thank you so much....

Donna said...

Barbara, once again you have found your own personalized creative connection to and for the world. You write like you talk--I can almost hear your giggles and see your expressive face and body language as you find a light and fanciful perspective on your days. Warmly, Donna

Kim said...

So its you that is responsible for some of my favorite magazines!!! You do wonderful work, so I'm looking forward to reading the rest of your blog.

All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

Barbara what lovely magazines to work for - I love the cupcakes & food spread - yum!