Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Greetings From My Garden

Too busy getting the garden in shape to do much work on the book the last two days.

Today was a total wash. The last day before a vacation is always hell.

Between chauffeuring my mom around to buy everything she thinks she needs for 10 days, trying to get last minute work done, doing laundry so we can pack clean clothes and making sure the folks looking after the dog, the chickens and the garden have their jobs straight, I'm exhausted.

I snapped a few garden photos in the mist at dawn this morning. Thought I'd share them. Please forgive my photo styling in the veggie garden. If I wasn't so crazed, I would have removed the trash bag before snapping the shutter!

Good thing I'm going on vacation.
The sad thing is that most of my fabulously fragrant Madonna lilies will be open while I'm away. One of them tops 8 feet this year.


fabulous fifi said...

The garden looks beautiful. But I am not surprised knowing how you nurture everything---from people to plants, animals to writers-- (the last ones being the hardest to tend to....right? Except for "moi", but of course!)
Hope you will have the time of your life in Paris. Will miss you.
Be well and stay safe.

Angela (Cottage Magpie) said...

Absolutely lovely! I didn't even notice the garbage back until you pointed it out! I love the raised beds in the veggie garden--I hope I can do something similar when I *finally* (that's *finally*) get myself moved! ~A :-)

PAT said...

Beautiful garden, Barbara!

Have a wonderful trip.

I loved the story about your parents.

We collect postcards from our little travels and friends give them to us, as well. We have a glass topped table in J's "lodge" just for postcards!

Back Porch Musings

Betty Jo said...

What a gorgeous garden, and an incredible blog you have. xoxo

Lana said...

Beautiful gardens ~ even with the trash bag!


My Pink Boutique said...

Your garden is delightful...just the place to spend hours enjoying all of the small and tall pleasures growing. LOVE IT!