Friday, August 24, 2007


One of the things I’ve concluded from looking at photos of thousands of cottages in the past 10 years is that there is a fine line between cozy and cluttered.

Since most cottages are small, keeping everyday necessities, as well as decorative details from looking cluttered is an art.

One of the tricks is to use larger furnishings to corral or hide smaller ones. Se eabove photo from Pottery Barn.

* In a seaside home, Nantucket baskets are a good choice for small stuff like mail and bathroom basics.

* For bedding or office supplies, sailors’ trunks - painted white, of course - are ideal.

* Folding screens or floor length tablecloths can be used to disguise clutter.

Another strategy is to have designated places for everything. I’m not joking, everything. Knowing where things belong actually makes life much easier and less stressful.

If you’d like to organize more than just your stuff, check out the Daily Planner Page at

Come on, you know you want to!

*** BLOG DU JOUR ***
Would you open your closet doors and drawers and let the world take a peek?

Dianne Wood does just that. In her recent blog entry Permission To Snoop she proves that the organized life can be amazingly beautiful. See for yourself at


Penny Carlson said...

I always have great plans to get organized....and sometimes I actually succeed, for a short time anyway :-). Thanks for all the wonderful tips. - Loved the Blod Du Jour today..

Outi said...

Hi Barbara, and thanks for stopping by my blog. What lovely pictures you have, your book looks very promising and it is exciting to follow you along the journey! I got interested in the magazines you've edited, sadly most of them aren't available here in northern Europe. If you'd care to do a swap, drop me a line: outi at minessa dot fi!