Thursday, August 9, 2007


So much has been happening in The Book sphere that I‘ve let my trip notes lapse.

To the folks who have written saying they feel like they’ve missed the end of the movie, my apologies. Henceforth, I will include a section with a few trip photos and tales at the end of each posting.

I finally finished the chapter on Jane and Tom’s historic Key West home. As you can see by her bathroom, it’s decorated in a lighthearted tropical way.

After shopping for and looking at a lot of shell mirrors, Jane decided to make her own using shells and coral that she had found (some from Sanibel), along with contributions from friends. It’s outstanding.

Jane and Tom have traveled extensively and their home showcases some of their favorite collections.

Artworks range from paintings of parrots from India (painted using brushes made from one squirrel hair) and Haitian nudes to ones painted by her talented sister.

One of Jane’s prized possessions, by Santa Fe painter Kevin Sloan, hangs in the living room. Created in what the artist calls “magic realist” style, the landscape draws upon diverse imagery including palm trees, hibiscus flowers, mangoes and Roman ruins. Check out his portfolio at

The hand-carved window cornices that are an ode to cottage’s waterside setting are also fabulous.

Each room’s cornice sports a different theme, such as shells, dolphins, crabs or tropical fruit. All are painted shiny white to contrast with the soft pastel wall colors.

Did I mention the pool that looks like a meandering stream? It runs along the side of the house and is perfect for swimming laps or a cool dip on a hot day. Trust me, you’ll love this cottage!


Over the next few days, we visited The Louvre, the Musee D’Orsay, Les Invalides, Napolean’s tomb and the Rodin museum.

While Monet is best known for painting waterlilies, haystacks and Rouen Cathedral, he also tried his impressionist style out on more mundane subjects?

Did you know that Monet painted turkeys?

We also explored the Mouffetard neighborhood. The main street is closed to traffic. Each morning local shopkeepers display their wares outdoors. It’s a tradition that dates back to the Middle Ages. When the goods are packed up, the restaurants and cafes, of which there are hundreds, open.

On our last night before heading to Normandy, we took a cruise on the Seine at sunset. Great photo op!

***** BLOG DU JOUR *****
Last spring, when photo scout and writer Kathryn Bechen ( wanted me to take a peek at Kim’s home, she sent me a link to Terry’s Enchanted Cottage ( The house that Kathryn wanted me to look at was in the Cottage Of The Month section.

Now, the Cottage Of The Month feature is one of my favorite Must Sees and The Cottage Blessings section is inspirational.


FrenchGardenHouse said...


Wow....from the wonderful Key West to Paris and then off to Terry's Enchanted Cottage, this is quite a full entry! And each one enjoyable. Thank you for sharing them!

PAT said...

Barbara, how beautiful this Key West cottage is! I love that cornice!

Wonderful post all around!

Now to have a look at Terry's Enchanted Cottage.