Friday, September 14, 2007


Yesterday morning, I finally e-mailed Sue’s story to my editor at Gibbs Smith, along with the acknowledgements.

If you are keeping count along with me... only the captions stand between me and a celebration dinner!

Polishing up the captions for the Introduction shouldn’t have taken more than a few hours, but at the last minute, Dan and I added extra photos.

We now have nearly 40 photos our Art Director can use for the introduction or title pages.

Of course, more photos means more captions! Now you know what I'll be doing today.

Today's first two photos are from the Intro. The sailors knots were made by my friends Ben and Spencer-- Boy Scouts, extraordinaire!

So, before I get back to my captions, I thought I’d share an excerpt from a note I received from a fellow blogger.

“Hello Barbara! I wanted to thank you for featuring my blog on your Blog ! If you are ever out in California, we live a stone’s throw from LA on a good traffic day, so be sure to come by and visit!

We live in "Horsetown USA." There are more horses than people! I guess its appropriate for me as my Mother was an actress in the 40s.

She was in many westerns and one of them was Ronald Reagan's very first movie! Her name was Betty Brewer. She was under contract with Paramount for several years until she got married and quit the business.

She was also a singer and sang with the Big Bands and on NBC radio. (Don’t you love 40s music) It's fun to look her up on Ebay and see what pops up! I have paper dolls of her that were illustrated by Ruth Wood. They are fascinating! And get this, her best friends were Susan Hayward and Mae West! Susan actually bought my Mother a Scottie dog!"

That’s what I love about my blog, you never know who you will meet!

*** BLOG DU JOUR ***

It’s always a good day for something pink, but since I’m wearing a pink and white pinstripe shirt, I’ve chosen Pink Latte today. It’s written by Helle Greer. Helle lives in California and collects vintage typewriters. She went to a great estate sale yesterday and I think you will drool over the photos she has posted.


Shabbyfufu said...

Good morning Barbara! How exciting~almost finished and reason to celebrate and perhaps relax a bit is coming soon!! Thank you for your Blog du Jour, always inspiring to see what others are up to....especially when PINK is in the tag line. XO~Janet

Trisha said...

Do you ever sit still? I would love to know what vitamins you take! But lucky for us (your blog stalkers), you are always on the move writing and photographing (Dan) all of your wonderful escapes. Keep them coming!

PAT said...

Barbara, the photo of the knots and the knots themselves are exquisite!


meggie said...

I have loved having a read of your beautiful blog! Congratulations on your book almost done.
People tell me I should write a book, using my blog posts. I would like to, but have no idea how to begin.
As to my decorating style... 'Recycled haphazardly' probably best describes it! Haha.
I have a friend who has a house that looks like a magazine shoot. I should ask her if I can take photos some time.
Those knots are lovely, I agree.

Jen Rizzo said...

Just so you know, you can do Kool- aide on your hair. It's not as intense, but the cherry (red pink) works really well and so does the blue raspberry (blue). Strawberry is a little orange-ish. If you do it, let me know how it works. If you need more info on how to do it, let me know! It kind of adds nice lowlights. Thanks for the comment by the way! Jen

Susie Q said...

Barbara, I love the knots..precious little works of art all by themselves. Congratulations on being *almost* finished. What a sweet accomplishment.
Loved reading the email and will pop over to visit the Blog de Jour...thank you for that!

Sweet Weekend...


Cathy said...

Barbara, It's always a great day for PINK, isn't it? Love the horse story.

Daisy Cottage said...

Morning Barbara!
You must be so looking forward to that celebration dinner! Absolutely love the photo of the knots!


Penny Carlson said...

Happy Saturday Barbara! How thrilled you must be, knowing that you are almost finished with the wonderful book! I can't wait to see it!

What a wonderful photo of the knots! They are wonderful pieces of art on there own.

What a wonderful story about the Blog du jour and the horses, etc.

Mary said...

Wow, love those knots!
Mary at Little Red House

cd&m said...

Those sailors knots are amazing.