Monday, October 15, 2007


Going to the New York City always makes me think of seashells. Perhaps, that’s because the only shells you’ll find in NYC are the ones crushed to make concrete for some of the city's oldest sidewalks.

While I tried to write text for The Mystery Project (TMP) on my laptop on route to NYC, I couldn’t help be distracted by the conversations of my fellow passengers.

Chattering away in British and Australian-accented English worthy of the finest Masterpiece Theatre productions, the talk revolved around Malaysian leopards and wildlife conservation projects. It was hard not to eavesdrop on conversations that started with:

“While I was deep in the jungle in southern Mondulkiri province of Cambodia trying to attach motion-sensitive cameras to trees, I accidentally tripped on a ……”

“It doesn’t take very long after you are bitten by one of those to go into a coma and expire.”

“Oh, that was BEFORE I had to be carried by the porters across the infested waters to the tent that masquerades as the local hospital.”

In the end, I did manage to write some pretty decent text, along with a list of questions to ask the editor at TMP’s Publishing House.

Our meeting went very well from the start. We discovered several interests in common and liked each other very much. We agreed on the book’s overall visuals and how the text should flow. If possible, I was even more excited about TMP than before.

I could barely contain my enthusiasm when I met my friends Judith, Linda and Helene for dinner. The restaurant, Duane Park Café, had a few large seashells on display (so much for my theory that there are no shells in NYC)! The food was terrific- the shrimp and crab cake appetizer was heavenly.

The Miguel Funi performance, however, was awful. It began badly with a group of lackluster singers, guitarist and dancers and when El Funi finally appeared it got worse. Lets just say he wasn’t at his best.

The next day traveling back on the train (the passengers weren’t nearly as interesting this time), I got quite a bit of work done until…

I received a call from one of the TMP team to tell me some bad news. The editor (the one I met with the day before) had just handed in her resignation. She would be leaving in two weeks for her new job at another publishing company!

A conference call was scheduled for today (Monday) to discuss the book and the expectations of the editor that would now oversee it.

When I got back home, I got another surprise—a marvelous one this time. Lisa of My Cali Cottage sent me a present – one of her stunning shell-encrusted mirrors. As you can see it’s a masterpiece. THANK YOU SO MUCH LISA!

Funny, shells seem to be a reoccurring theme in my life this week.
*** BLOG DU JOUR ***

Yes, this is a repeat! BUT, it just keeps getting better. And, Jackie's new book, The Design Directory of Window Treatments, is now in stores. Visit to hear about her trip to NYC. Check out where she ate! I'm jealous.


fifi said...

So much for all the glamor in our work.....always at the mercy of some editor, publisher or art director's wants and whims.....granted, some (who shall remain nameless) are more maniacal than others....oh, to live in a secluded cabin in the woods where they can't find you....
What a stunning mirror! So fitting to reflect your beautiful heart and soul.....

daisy cottage said...

Good Monday Morning Barbara!
I have no doubt that this latest endeavor of yours will turn out to be a FANTASTIC one - can't wait to hear how it goes.. loved reading about the overheard conversations - so interesting! AND your sweet shell surprise from Lisa is gorgeous! Lucky girl you are! I know you will treasure it.


Susie Q said...

First off, this mirror is one of the most glorious things I have ever seen! What a treasure for you!

NYC is always a good idea...I love it there. But I am so sorry about the editor changes and the bad performances. Never fun.

Isn't it amazing the tid-bits you can pick up on the train, or airplane? Even sitting in a booth at a diner...
I try not to eavesdrop but sometimes it is impossible! And just so entertaining!

I wish you a great week, good editor news, lovely weather and
happy thoughts. When things get aggravating, just look into that lovely mirror!


Jen r. said...

Sorry to hear about your editor change. Something always happens the minute you think it's gong oaky. It probably was for the best. Fate works in mysterious ways! Jen

Barbara said...

Sounds like overall you had a good time. Brings backsome memories of my ten visits to NYC.

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

What a fun train trip to the city! It sounded like a movie script being played out....

I know the new editor will love TMP even more than the one that left...Still can't wait to find out what it is!

Love the shell mirror. It is gorgous. I have used shells before in mosaics, they are alot of fun, adding a new dimension.

Tutti Chic said...

Such gorgeous shells Barbara & such an interesting trip TO New York! Can't wait to see what new project you ar working on! What a mirror!! Lucky you to be the recipient of this beautiful gift. :) tutti

Robyn said...

Oh you NYC trip does sound intriguing to say the least. I am so sorry to hear about the performance though. I was wondering if by chance you could email or leave a comment on my blog with the online address for MY cali cottage...which use to be enchanted cove. I thought Lisa had disappeared from the blog world! I would love to see her new blog and catch up! Thanks for the lovely photos. And good luck with your new editor! Sorry to hear about the first one.

GeorgiaPeachez said...

What an interesting train ride! I would have been all ears. Your mirror from Lisa is stunning! I love her work. Do you know what happened to her blog? The link isn't working anymore and I can't find it anywhere! Her sea shell mosiacs are just stunning. xo, suzy

FrenchGardenHouse said...

I'm so sorry that the concert was a bummer.

I have no doubt that the new editor will love you as much as the other one, and your "mystery project" will continue on, and blissfully so.
The mirror is exquisite...just beautiful. Hope you are having a lovely week, Barbara!

Angela (Cottage Magpie) said...

OOh, the mirror is gorgeous and the project is delectably mysterious! Can't wait to hear more (and see more of your lovely photos!) ~A :-)

Mélanie said...

I love your post because I love NYC , Love shells and Love jacky's blog.

Catherine said...

The editor change stinks!! But sounds like you had a lovely visit with your friend's & a delicious dinner.. and the sea shell mirror..what a treasure..lucky you!!!~What a nice way to get welcomed home! TMP has us all very curious!