Thursday, November 29, 2007


It’s official… the first half of The Mystery Project has been handed in to the publishers. That’s 20,093 words, but who’s counting?

This morning, I went to Google “Hydrangeas” and a list of all of the “H” words I had Googled recently popped up. Seeing “Hawaiian woods” and “Hippie Lamps” pop up made me laugh, so I scrolled down the list to see what else was on it. The list read like a This Is Your Life flashback.

I decided to check out a few other letters. The topics covered are varied and I decided my list was worth sharing.

My self-imposed rules were as follows:
1- Nothing that would give away too much about the book made the list
2- I would choose only three searches for each letter.

Other than that, it’s a wonderful treasure hunt should you choose to follow my leads. Or better yet, check out your own Google trail and post your list.

A = Audrey Hepburn, Alarm clocks, Alligator skin, Anthopologie

B = Balinese fisherman, Brocade fabric, Baccarat crystal

C = Carrera marble, Casablanca, Cavern Home, Couture gowns

D = D’Orsay pumps, Disney World weddings, Duponi silk

E = Eames chairs, Embellished bridal gowns, Encaustic tile

F = Fast Buck Freddies, Florence Broadhurst, French bed linens

G = George Nakashima, Gold leafing, Golfing metaphors

H = Hawaiian woods, Hippie lamps, Hugh Comstock

I = I Dream of Jeannie, Indian sari fabrics, Ikea

J = Jacket styles, Jalousies, Jay Gatsby

K = Kelly Moore Paints, Kilims, Koa wood

L = La Fiancee du Mekong, Lilly Pulitzer, Louis Furniture

M = M & J Trimmings, Mies van der Roche, Mod patterns

N = Neoclassic architecture, Neon art, Native American Pottery

O = Op art stockings, Oprah At Home, Outdoor Umbrellas

P = Paisley Passamenterie, Poufs, Preppy menswear

Q = Queens of France, Quotes about…

R = Ralph Lauren, Ralph Rucci, Rattan furniture

S = Saddle shoes, Scarlet O’Hara, Suzani tapestries

T = Textured paint, The Atomic Look, Trompe L’oeil, Tulle

U = Ultra suede, ugly lamps, upholstery fabrics

V = Versailles, Vintage cars, Vintage linoleum

W = Wall moldings, Whale Trust, White paint

X = XM radio

Y = Yellow lacquer furniture, Yves St Laurent

Z = Zebra print furniture

Sometime last year, I cut a recipe for Pumpkin Spice Biscotti out of a magazine. I never got to try it out and tucked it into the kitchen drawer where I toss recipes I intend to try. I was sorting through the drawer and came across it two weeks ago. I was too busy working on TMP, so I asked my mother if she might want to test it out.

She did but the biscotti were dreadful --not enough taste, odd texture. Since were definitely not serving them to guest, my mother decided to see if anyone else in our household liked them.

Unlike our human testers, the chickens and the dog went wild over them. They liked them almost as much as the inedible cornbread my mom made not that long ago (when she was out of the usual ingredients and made a few substitutions.)

Don’t get the wrong idea, Ruth is a great cook and an incredible baker. I take full blame for the biscotti. I thought the recipe sounded like a winner!


Susie Q said...

What a fun list of words...just reading them made me giggle. I am not sure I will gain an insight into the secret but I enjoyed it all the same! : )


Alison Gibbs said...

Well at least the chickens had a treat1 Maybe it is something about the recipes you give to your Mom. Alison

Cottage Magpie said...

Oooh, that list is totally tantalizing! I'm practically salivating here. But aside from that, how did you get your google list? Mine doesn't pop-up anything when I type into it...
~Angela :-)

Mary said...

Loved your list -- "golfing metaphors" and "ugly lamps" were my favorites!

KimberlyRyanDesigns said...

That was fun! Take a look at what i came upon, talk about wildly romantic wait till you see this website. Keep typing cant wait to see the book! Have a great weekend, Kimberly

Jen r. said...

I am trying to figure it out....and I am very excited to see your book now that My interest is peaked...
Jen R

Cathy said...

Biscotti dipped in chocolate and smothered with slivered almonds. Now that is what I call an afternoon treat with tea.

This is so funny Barb. The chickens must have had a Italian blast!