Friday, January 4, 2008


Today, it’s time to stretch the definition of mosaics.
In my mind, using bits and pieces of paper, fabrics, and trims to create works of art firmly anchors quilting and scrapbooking in the mosaic making tradition.

Lisa Tutman-Oglesby is one of the “soft” mosaic artists I admire. She started her blog about the same time that I started mine. Although we’ve never met, I feel as if I know her.
According to Lisa, she’s a true crafter at heart. She loves just about everything, including card making, quilting, rubber stamping, stenciling and even dollmaking.You can find instructions for making the thread board (above) in Lisa’s October 18, 2007 post entitled "Never Bored with a Board of Thread". It's a really easy project to make-FYI.

Lisa was selected as one of Memory Makers magazine’s 2007 scrapbook Masters. Throughout the year, her works were prominently featured in the magazine. You can see a few of them on the magazine’s website.When it comes to making album pages, Lisa says her inspirations often come from the pictures she works with.“I choose the paper and embellishments to match whatever colors are in the picture. I also see potential scrapbook layout designs in just about everything, including billboards, road signs and magazines. Once you become a die-hard scrapper there's inspiration in just about everything,” Lisa notes.
In regard to her love of quilting, Lisa says, “My twin sister often wonders about my fascination with cutting up lots of fabric into tiny pieces and then sewing it back together. Of course, true quilters at heart understand that's precisely the fun of it. I love strolling through quilt shops searching for beautiful colors and creating my own mosaics out of the colorful fabric that I find. I have a huge stash of fabric just waiting to be put to good use when I find the time and perfect pattern.”Lisa told me that a saleslady in one of her favorite quilt shops once warned her (as she was walking out the door with a bag full of fabric) to keep her hands on the wheel and off the fabric until she got home.

“I thought that was so funny--and quite astute,” Lisa says.
Luckily, Lisa heeded her advice!

*** BLOG DU JOUR ***

She’s back! The Desperate Diva has returned with new adventures and a new addition to the family! Visit Diane’s blog and meet little Pearl. She’s precious.


Alison Gibbs said...

Lisa is one talented lady.
Love the icecream layout.

Seeb said...

What a colorful post,I love visit talented people
Happy new year:)

The Desperate Diva said...

Wow, what a collection. I LOVE fabrics. How funny of her sister to NOT GET IT when she cuts up fabric only to stich it back together again. Only a creative soul can understand...:) And the scrapbook pages are beautiful.
Thanks for sharing,

Lisa said...

Thanks so much for the wonderful mention Barbara. This was fun and it's nice to have my work appreciated.

Hope you're inspired to try some new hobbies too-lol.

Happy New Year!

Sandra Evertson said...

Love her work! And your Beautiful blog!
Sandra Evertson

Mosaic*Queen said...

Love Lisa's work!

Miss Sandy said...

Thanks for sharing yet another talented artist with us.

Sara said...

There is always something so beautiful to look at on your blog....everything, in fact.
The design of that quilt immediately got my special that within those squares is another little square, surrounded around one corner or the other with the printed vine & flower fabric, almost like a plant draping itself over the square. And that they are not uniformly matched, some have the draping on one side, some on the other....what a wonderful composition of pattern, color and line! Lisa is very creative.

Kims Art said...

I love that thread board. I will be sure to make that one. I look forward to your book. I am a beach girl myself. I read your blog often. I am going to add you to my site. Kim

Tutti Chic said...

Lisa's work is SO incredible! I loved seeing these pictures & reading about her work! :) chris

Jenn and Jacqui said...

Hi Barbara, my goodness Lisa has a huge talent, everything is just gorgeous. You can see she is a gorgeous lady with a warm heart :) We love the beautfiful baby memory board, that is a treasure. Thank you for sharing her with us !! Jenn and Jacqui

Ruth Welter said...

Hey Barbara, thanks for showcasing Lisa'a work, just beautiful!!!

Antique Paperie said...

Although I do not know Lisa personally, I do know of her. I am an admirer of beautiful things and I think she is extremely talented. What a pleasure to read about her in your blog :) and I will have to make it a priority to stop by her blog more often. Cheers!
xo Sherri

Cathy said...

Barbara, what a wonderful article. I especially love the thread board and the quilts. The pictures are inspiring, although sewing is not one of my BIG passions. I absolutely love quilts.


Lynda said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog. Lisa is incredibly talented! I must remember to stop by more often. Happy New Year to you! ~ Lynda

NeereAnDear said...

I love that thread board being an avid sewer along with painting ... I have stashes of thread everywhere... and quite a small room for it all.. this is a wonderful way to keep it all together and a bit more organized... not one of my better virtues I must say... I dont know where you go the pics of thos pillows but be still my heart... I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!
Thanks for another fascinating piece of interest and another featured artist

Dianne is a good person

Going to check out Lisas blog now



Cottage Magpie said...

I absolutely love Lisa, I'm so glad you featured her! She is not only talented but warm and generous as well. Yay, Lisa! :-)
~Angela :-)

Mary said...

A very happy New Year to you Barbara - know you will make it an interesting, fun, and colorful one for all of us who enjoy your words and pictures.

NeereAnDear said...

LOL I am such a ditz... those are NOT pillows those are pin cushions.. silly me!!

LOVE them anyway



cjan said...

Hi Barbara,

I love the "Soft Mosaic's"!

I have an embroidery machine and the "Thread Candy" (LOL) would be "Oh so nice to have"! Love the quilts and understand the joy of cutting fabric and then sewing it back together etc. It's soothing to the mind to make quilts.


Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

I have admired Lisa's work for some time now! Thanks for bringing her to the spotlight!

Isn't little Pearl just adorable!

The Rose Room said...

Hi Barbara,
thanks for calling by. The beach was great, clear green ocean, golden sand, blue skies . . .
Thanks for reminding me about Lisa, I have visited her before so must do so again.
Happy New Year to you, Rachael:)

Siobhan said...

Very nice work.

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

She is very talented and the quilt is just so pretty and inspiring. LOL about keeping her hands on the wheel!
Thank you for sharing her art with us.


melissa @ the inspired room said...

Lisa is amazing, I am glad to call her a blogging friend!

Thanks for sharing her talent here!

And, a big thank you for your kind words on my feature over at Artful Creations! I really appreciate your thoughtfulness!