Thursday, October 9, 2008


Sorry for the disappearing act but I was on assignment for Log Home Design magazine.
Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait until early February until I can share a link for one of the most fascinating homes I’ve written about in a long time.The lodge is built on an 84.5 acre wooded site formerly owned by a sportsman's club. The homeowners knew it was the ideal setting for a log home and for wildlife preserve the moment they set eyes on the property.

On a completely different subject, please join me in Alexandria, Virginia, again, where our day tour ends with a visit to THE ATHENAEUM, a beautiful Greek Revival building constructed in 1851.
• The Athenaeum was constructed to be the Bank of the Old Dominion. Robert E. Lee did his banking here, as did many other prominent people 150 years ago.

• During the Civil War, the building was Commissary Headquarters for the Union Army, and housed wounded Union soldiers.

• In 1905, the Stabler-Leadbeater Apothecary Shop bought the building to use as a factory for grinding talcum powder, a popular necessity during hot Southern summers.

• Later it served as a church before becoming a cultural center and community art gallery.

The current exhibit is called TXT MSG and it features two artists' pieces--“Four Letter Words” by John James Anderson and “Song For Europe” by Mark Cameron Boyd.

As a writer, I was attracted by the fact that both use typography and words as design motifs but in radically different ways.

The Four Letter Words aren’t what you think!

One modular work is called MONEY.

Others showcase HOMOPHONES and ONOMATOPOEIA. Okay,class, does everyone remember what those words mean?

But my favorite is composed of UNCOMMON WORDS.

The docent gave me a printed glossary and told me that this piece was a big hit with Scrabble® fans.

Did you know a jehu is a bad driver? I didn’t, so I googled the word and discovered it's a slang term for a crazy cab driver. It comes from the name of a crazy chariot driver who became a king!

Now it’s your turn… what does ZEBU mean? One lucky commenter (chosen by random, of course) with the correct answer will win an uncommon but wonderful prize. I'll chose a winner on Friday October 17th!

In the adjoining gallery space, Song For Europe invites viewers to pick up a piece of chalk and contribute to the artist’s on-going dialog in Greek, Latin, French and English.

I’m off to Los Angeles at dawn and, thanks to the time difference, I will arrive in plenty of time to meet my son Fred at his office for lunch.

On Saturday I head to Gene Autrey's former ranch in Palms Springs to attend Jenna and Ira's wedding. (The ranch is now a posh hotel.)The bride, Jenna, is the sister of Abby-- whose wedding in NYC I posted about on June 24th.

Have a great Columbus day weekend! Coming up next week, a Haunted House Tour!

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Sher's Creative Expressions said...

Oh, can't wait to see your article on the log home. Love those log homes. Someday. . . that's my dream home to live in one :)



learn chinese said...

Thank you very much for sharing.
Through your blog, a lot of people including me of course have a chance to read and learn from.
I have read some of your post and I really enjoyed reading it.
Thanks again and looking forward for more of your posting soon!

Desperate Diva said...

Nice to have you back..!!! Love the walls of words. Ummmm....Zebu...means, "humped ox of India, E.Asia and Africa.
If there is another meaning, then I'm clueless. Thanks for another great tour and have a great time out west....:)

ellie said...

it means "humped Cattle"....they say they are better sooted to tropical environments...

who knew?

celestina marie said...

Hi Barbara, Such an interesting post. You have been so busy, but always bring back stories to share.
As for the word Zebu~~ that is an Asiatic Ox that has been domesticated into many breeds. It is used for milk has a large hump on the back, large fleshy belly and large ears. Found mostly in Europe I think.
Thanks for sharing the fun post and have a nice trip to LA and fun at the wedding too.
Blessings always,
la rea rose

Becky said...

zebu...a domesticated ox of Asia and eastern Africa having a prominent hump on the back and a large dewlap....whatever dewlap is??
Have fun in Palm Springs.
Thanks for the new word to use on my hubby when I travel with him in rush hour traffic.

KathieB said...

OK, I'll play. It's a kind of cattle, with a humped back, suited to life in the tropics.

Thanks for sharing the pictures of the typographical art show. I love this sort of thing, and have been hunting for ideas for a fiber art piece that needs to incorporate some words. Very inspiring.

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Great post - missed you! I really enjoy spending time in art galleries and art shows. This one looks very interesting.

Ok - ZEBU - Zebus are humped cattle....

rose_michelle said...

I don't know if this is where you're suppose to answer (reading blogs while awaiting SOldiers incoming from Iraq is not the best time to try to concentrate) but growing up on a cattle ranch, I know Zebu is plural for a type of "humped cattle" mostly in Africa and Asia. Another example that the stuff my parents drilled into my head may not be so useless!

NeereAnDear said...

Great post!!

Zebu is humped cattle ... a type of cattle better adapted to tropical environments than domestic cattle

Cant wait to see the house in February and I love the art

Such a fascinating way to use words... I so love words and their meaning

Cant wait to see more and going to check out the blog of the month

Ruth Welter said...

Hi Barbara,

Thanks as always for sharing your gorgeous photos. You get to travel quite a bit and it is always a mini adventure for your readers, to see these photos on your blog. Love the photos of Alexandria in the below post. I've been there many years ago and it is such a beautiful place. : )


Susie Q said...

I think Zebu is a type of least, I think so!

I loved the exhibit and yes, i am a Scrabble geek! : )

I love reading Log Homes...will look forward to your article! i KNOW it will be great.

Oooh...a haunted house tour? That sounds frighteningly fun.


Cindy said...

You're right... as a Scrabble player I LOVE these pieces! Great words!!!!

Travel safely and stay healthy,
Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

Miss Sandy said...

Fascinating art exhibit. I love all the fast facts and background you give with your travel posts.

Of course I had to google your word and found that it is a type of cow who has a thing for the tropics!

I look forward to the log home preview!

Lisa said...

Can't wait to see the log cabin spread. It sounds great.

I love the words on the wall and could see that same idea duplicated at home like in a child's playroom. Fun post.

Hope all is well!

Barbara said...

Those 4 letter words are interesting.
Have a great time in Palm Springs. Gene Autry - well tht takes me back barbara.

Vickie said...

Zebu is an Asian ox:
a domesticated ox of East and South Asia with a humped back, curving horns, floppy ears, and a large dewlap. Latin name Bos indicus.
You have a very nice blog.

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

I love that word art. Fabulous post - thank you.

johnjamesanderson said...

It is strange that I found this so many months after the exhibit - Google Alerts has failed me! Ms. Jacksier, I am thankful you took the time to write about Mark's and my work; your images of the exhibition are wonderful (and better than mine).