Friday, November 7, 2008


Have you been following Natasha Burns’ chronicle of her journey across America?

If not, here’s the plot summary to date.
* My extremely charming and talented Australian blog buddy landed in Los Angeles about a week ago. Font size
* Dede of Dream Create Share and Christine of Dolly Belle’s Peep Show were her cordial tour guides. Check out their beautiful blogs to join in Natasha's fabulous Shabby Chic expedition.

* Next, Natasha flew to Georgia where altered art/mixed media maven Jenn introduced the down-under darling to Halloween (the holiday isn’t much celebrated in Australia) and assumed the mantle of gracious guide. Check out Natasha’s first ever Jack-O-Lantern on Jenn’s Sweet Candy Creations blog.

* Before heading North, the two southern belles (living in Melbourne automatically confers southern status) traveled to Savannah where they met mosaic artist extraordinaire Penny Carlson of Lavender Hill Studio and enjoyed the splendors of this historic city.


Having voted a week early, I turned up in NYC on November 4th to join Natasha and Jenn for several days of non-stop shopping and sampling local food specialties.

I met the dynamic duo at Jing Fong, an enormous Chinese dim sum palace.
My friend Chitsou, who rarely misses an opportunity to share his native cuisine with visitors, ordered an amazing array of delicacies, including these faux carrots filled with peanuts.

I surprised Natasha by presenting her several gifts from Jo of Neere An Dear Creations
(including the rose painting in the lead photo!)

You’ll have to wait for Natasha to fill you in on our post-lunch shopping adventures and Chitsou’s negotiating know-know...

However, here’s a peek at one of our stops... Pearl River Trading, one of my favorite places to find unexpected treasures.
Its bargain-priced imports were a hit.

Later, that same day, while more than 130 million American were casting their votes, we had a quick drink in SoHo with photographer Dan Mayers.

My ‘Best of NYC’ excursion continued on the Lower East Side where Natasha and Jenn tasted hot dogs and sour pickles from Katz Delicatessen.

Then, it was on to Rupa and The April FishesElection Night Extravaganza concert at Mercury Lounge.
The name April Fishes was inspired by the French term les poissons d'Avril, a similar concept to April Fools day.

I'm a big fan, so I hope you will check out their latest album and let me know what you think.

Rupa now has two new members of her fan club.

My friend Scott presented Rupa with a bouquet when the TV over the bar indicated that Barack Obama’s victory seemed certain.

Along with the many of New Yorkers, we took our celebrating onto the streets of New York.

We partied til the cows came home, and since there aren’t many cows in NYC...
We stayed up mighty late!


TattingChic said...

It looks like everyone is having a ball! Dim sum sounds fabulous!

NeereAnDear said...

Barbara... it was such a joy to talk to Natasha on the phone... I cant thank you enough for joining in with me to keep this secret and surprise her with the painting...

I was looking at that Dim Sum menu board ... my mouth watering... my stomach churning... and those faux carrots filled with peanuts...pure heaven!! All the way from here

It looks like a good time was had by all ... what an introduction to New York for Natasha to be there when the President was elected... an historic moment for her indeed




Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

I love that I could be a part of the REST of the trip so far through your blog Barbara! I wish I could have been there in person with the three of you. It looks like you had a blast!
p.s. thanks for the mention :-)

Ruth Welter said...

Hi Barbara, you are lucky to have gotten to meet a friend from blogland. I haven't met up with anyone from the internet world yet but would love to someday.


Sher said...

Oh how I wish I had been there with you girls! Sounds like a fantastic time was had by all - Love the Photos and that Rose painting is gorgeous! xo

The Painted Garden said...

Hi Barbara,

I remember chatting with you when I was just talking about starting my own blog and you mentioned your husband said "blogging is like having a lot of wonderful pen pals". How fun to meet your "blog pen pals" in person. Looks like you ladies were having a blast out on the town.

I started my adventure into Blog Land in October and feel like an old hand after 4 posts. You were right - it is very addicitng and I am having a ball. I would love for you to stop by and visit my blog sometime. Erin

Natasha Burns said...

What an awesome time you showed me in NYC! And yes, how exciting for an Aussie to be there and see such amazing things and at such an amazing time! Thanks so much for being the ultimate NY tour guide, you guys were so much fun to spend time with xoxo

twinkleshabbystar said...

Thank you soo much for a FABULOUS memorable day and evening in NYC! Natasha and I had so much fun and truly enjoyed your company!!! I LOVE my pink scarf. I cant thank you enough for your sweet kindness. Good luck with your dinner tonight! Hopefully when Im in your area again we can hook up! Hugs to you! XOXO,Jenn

Laura said...

That sounds so fabulously fun! :D

Tamara Jansen said...

Now that was SOME party :)

Gail McCormack said...

Barbara it looks like a good time was certainly had by all!!
Great to see Jo's beautiful Rose painting, I know how hard she's worked on this one and it was a pleasure to actually see the end result, isn't it stunning and wasn't it great you were the passer-overer (now there's a new word for you)!
So glad about your Election Result, don't know if you can hear all the clapping and cheering over here in Australia?

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Great Post, looks like you all had a fabulous, smiling good time!

Harmony said...

seems u enjyd a lot!wish i could be there!ha ha!take care dear!

Cathy said...

Wow Barbara, what a great post. I bet Natasha had the time of her life. I can just imagine her visit with all the wonderfully creative women on her journey.

I would love to meet everyone. Hopefully someone all of our paths will cross and we will get to give huge hugs to one another.

I am thrilled to pieces about your book! You must be just elated.

Way to go girlfriend.

xo Cathy

Fleur de Bee said...

fun post! Found you from Natashas site! Sounds like you will have to take me to places I have never experienced when I lived in the city! I'll call you when I am ready to fly out lol!

Nice to "meet" you!

Molly :)

Couture de Papier said...

OMG! just came from Natasha's blog! Wheres the Tum's and who is the 'designated' driver!?
I can relate to the food tour! Years ago we would start out in North End in Boston then... China Town...I must have had a strong tummy then can't do that kind of eating and drinking now!
I had fun though! hey where's photos of the Queens, love their fashion style!?
Denise Nantasket Beach Massachusetts