Wednesday, July 8, 2009


The voters have spoken... Starting on August 5 Waterside Wednesdays will premier with an ever-changing array of coastal topics.(photo by Dan Mayers)

Why August 5th? Why not now? Because I'm going on vacation!

And I promise that as soon as I get back from Italy, I will learn to use Mr Linky, so everyone can participate.

If you ordered an autographed copy, your book is on its way.

I've received feedback that the first batch of books (mailed at 5pm on Monday) have already been delivered.

Want to hear and see more photos from the book?

Please visit Trisha at A Vintage White, Penny at The Comforts of Home, Jo at Neere An Dear Creations and Janet at Shabbyfufu.

I'd also be most appreciative if you visited Amazon. Please give the book the stars you feel it deserves and leave a comment.

If you'd like an autographed copy of Waterside Cottages, I will resume signing copies when I get back from vacation. All books ordered while I'm away will be shipped out on Aug 1st.

While it's nice to sell books, it's even nicer getting to know some of my blog friends a little better.

When an order came in with instructions for an unusual inscription (CAMP LE CA OEH~~~Peace To All Who Enter.) I shot back an e-mail to confirm the spelling.

Here's Dona's reply:

Hi Barbara!

I cannot wait for your book! I've been following your blog for a long time now - you must be on cloud 9! The anticipation of waiting with you has been a joy!

Yes, that is what I would like inscribed! From a little sign my mom painted on driftwood about 30 years ago. It's hanging by the door going into our families little, I mean tiny, okay barely there 'cottage' on the lake:) LE is for my dad Leo and CA is for my mom Carmen and OEH is the first 3 letters of their last name, my maiden name.

It will make that book extra special as it awaits on the table for each family member to enjoy through coming the years!
My mom would laugh if she knew I used the word 'paint' - that was her 'medium' but it took her all but 1 minute to slap some letters on. But besides her having/had beautiful penmanship even with a paint brush on a rough board it is just another reminder of our wonderful mom!

Our dad passed away 3 years ago and our mom, now at a very young 77 in all other ways except being diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease going on 10 years now, so she is very much in the deep depths of that insidious disease.

We bring her to her beloved lake house now and just as it has done/does for all of us you can just see her whole body relax at the first sight of water when rounding the corner on the deck. Now we know why our parents bought on the lake nearly 35 years ago.

All the best ~ Dona


I'm Julia said...

What a dear story, thank you & Dona for sharing. Mine's is waiting behind the counter, too big for my little post office box... the workers had all gone home. Tomorrow I'll have it in my hands.

Enjoy your vacation, Barbara.
Safe journey.

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

I am thoroughly enjoying my book Barbara! Thank you for sharing Dona's story. Have a great trip and I look forward to Waterside Wednesdays when you return.

Poof...Happy Home said...

I can't wait to get home from market. I'm sure mine will be on my porch waiting for me to rip open and explore.
Have FUN in Italy..!!

Lana said...

Barbara ~ congratulations on the book! It looks beautiful ~ I'll have to purchase one soon!
I know I donlt have to tell you to enjoy your trip to Italy... Oh, how I'd love to take a trip like that!

lala said...

Just received my copy and am absolutely loving it!! The photos and your cottage choices are amazing. Congratulations

Shabbyfufu said...

Just rec'd my copy and can't wait to take it to my beach home tomorrow, and as I mentioned... have it right out on the coffee table for all to see! GORGEOUS STUFF...I hope that all who may be on the fence buy a copy!
Enjoy that trip sweet friend~xoxo~

Elyse said...

hi barbara,

your beautiful book reminded me that i was going for a beachy look when decorating my living room. today i took out all of the dark elements and brought back in light and beachy treasures. please come see!

i'm in awe of your book. you must be thrilled!


Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

We were at the lake for almost two weeks. We drove home, Tuesday 7/7. J picked up our mail, Wednesday morning. It was like Christmas. There was Waterside Cottages. I could hardly wait to tear open the envelope. What a fabulous book, Barbara!! It's beautiful!

Looking forward to Waterside Wednesdays. Have a wonderful vacation!

Elyse said...

you know you're a magazine freak when ...

i recognized nikki labelle's home instantly from a favorite issue of creative home from 2007! eeeps!

your book is a pleasure ... a treasure!


Dona said...

THE BOOK IS WONDERFUL!!! I keep going over and over every page, not wanting to miss one single detail! I'm going to 'celebrate' the book one more time while watching "The Shell Seekers" (which I know the dialogue & scenery by heart:)-- seems appropriate:)

Thank You so much Barbara for giving us such a gift! Cannot wait to read more stories of other kindred spirits as you share their inscriptions!

I hope you're enjoying Italy - you deserve it!


Brenda said...

I heard from Elyse over at Cottage that this was out. She was very excited. So I'm hopping over to Amazon to check it out!

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Hi there! I heard about you fr5om Miss Pat at back porch. Your book looks wonderful. I think I need to locate one asap!

La Maison Fou said...

Like theblog, just found it. Have a good time,

jeanne @ Inspiring Ideas said...

Congratulations! Beautiful book!!

Chrissy said...

Well, so glad I found your blog,your book looks lovely,going to see if I can find here!! I will be back often,Chrissy

Jean said...

Oh Barbara, What a beautiful book. I am so enjoying it. It has the most beautiful photos. I don't have a beach house and probably will never have one but when I am looking at your book I feel like I am at the beach. Thank you for bringing a book of pure joy and delight at the turn of every page.I will treasure my autographed copy.
Jean in virginia

Betty Jo said...

Barbara I received my book and it is scrumptious! This has been the busiest month ever, so I hope to find time soon just to sit a while and enjoy the beauty you've included in the book. Awesome job!! ♥

Anonymous said...

Barbara the book is lovely. Congratulations:)


Susie Holt said...

I am so excited to get your new book, Nikki and I were just talking about it this morning, I can't wait to see her house in there , I am sure it will be awesome.Everything you do is as well as Dan. Take care. xoxo Susie

Marie Antionette said...

Congrats on the book Barbara,We are all proud of you.XXOO Marie Antionette

Corporate Housing said...

Hi Barbara..

Congratulations.. my mom purchased your book last week. it is indeed lovely



Mickey Johnson said...

...hi barbara...i had to let you know that i bought your book through amazon and it is my new favorite. i absolutely adore it. i love how i can escape so effortlessly in each page. i am currently at the beach in gulf shores. it is so nice to know that when i return home, i can return to my beach memories through your book. xo, mickey

Susie Q said...

Hi Barbara!
I loved the story...
Italy! Wow!
I have so enjoyed my book. I took it with me to the Gulf Coast recently and guess what? 7 people I showed it too ordered it on Amazon straight away! Yippee!
I have a silly and presumptuous there anyway I could send you a self addressed and stamped envelope to get a little signed paper to add to my book?

I was so excited to get my book ordered that I didn't wait to find out I could have ordered it a different way!

If not I fully undertand!! I know you are so busy!


NeereAnDear said...

I am missing you... hope you are having a grand old time... it must be beautiful there.... cant wait to see all the photos


RobinfromCA said...

What a lovely story. Thanks for sharing - and to Dona for allowing you to!

Have fun in Italy - one of my favorite places!

Robin@Miscellaneous Thoughts

tales from an oc cottage said...

It's am awesome book!!!!

m ^..^

Barbara Jacksier said...

To Suzie Q

Thanks for spreading the word. I really appreciate it.

As for the inscription, it's my pleasure, I will order a box of bookplates and sign one for you. If anyone else wants one just let me know.


NeereAnDear said...


Can't wait to see all the photos.....!!


Your book is absolutely beautiful.... have enjoyed perusing its pages and the photos make you wish you were there!!


Marie Antionette said...

Hi Hon,Just checking in on you.Hope all is well dear friend..XXOO Marie Antionette