Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Yes, it snowed AGAIN, and there's more on the way. Thanks El Nino!
No snow photos this time, I'm getting bored with all that white stuff and opted instead to read a few of the press releases from plant and seed companies that arrived in my in-box this week.

Although there are lots of interesting new veggies and annuals available this year, what really caught my attention are these Old English cottage garden roses.

Aren't they positively dreamy?

This spring (which is only weeks away in my neck of the woods), David Austin (click name to see more) debuts five new repeat-flowering varieties.

Each will grow into a bushy shrub suited for garden beds, big pots, and dramatic border landscaping.

And, dear Waterside Cottages fans, please note that they are hardy enough to stand up to persnickety coastal growing conditions.

My favorite is the velvety 'Princess Alexandra of Kent' (at right) with soft pink petals enclosing richer pink inner ones. Individual blooms boast approximately 130 petals!

The fragrance is described as tea rose-scented maturing to lemony. I prefer my roses with a classic old rose 'nose' but I'm willing to compromise for this beauty.


I'd like to apologize to my Hoosier friends for not knowing their state dish.

According to the folks at, by far, the most famous food hailing from the great state of Indiana is the breaded pork tenderloin sandwich.

Pounded flat until it's about the size of two hands, the pork tenderloin slice is breaded and fried and served on a bun with tomato, onion, and pickle. This oversized sandwich was invented in 1908 in Huntington, Indiana, and most likely descended from German Wiener schnitzel.

"I understand they're hard to come by in other parts of the country," notes Jolene Ketzenberger, the food columnist for the Indianapolis Star. "The boneless cuts of pork, are sometimes pounded thin (other times they're quite thick)are generally huge--much bigger than the bun they're served on."

To learn more food specialties favored by Colt fans, take their Super Bowl Food Quiz. I scored 9 out of 10 for Touchdown.

*** BLOG DU JOUR ***

Cindy at Cute Pink Stuff (click here)has been shopping again.

This week, this savvy southern California shopper found irresistible vintage fishies and a delightful mermaid, so swim on over and take a look!

Cindy's shop is stocked with equally enticing treasures, too.


Loui said...

I am a LOVER of David Austin Roses..
the catalog alone is a masterpiece!
Like you, am so tired of white and gray..
I need COLOR back in my life!!!
warm hugs, laughing smiles..

Cindy@Cutepinkstuff said...

Thanks, Barbara! Would you mind including a link to my blog or website? Here they are:

Thanks so much! I'll be back soon. BTW, love the roses especially the PINK ones. I'm sure you're ready for spring!

twinkleshabbystar said...

Gorgeous roses Barbara! Im too a David Austin fan. Like you...makes me wish for spring now. ;) Adore Cindy's work! Darling! Hope all is well. Stay warm! ;) XO,Jenn

Cindy@Cutepinkstuff said...

Barbara, thanks so much for posting my brunette beauty and friends! Idaho is a wonderful place to find vintage treasures. When I saw the sweet mermaid and pink fish, I knew immediately they would have to come home with me. Love hearing from you!

Beach Vintage said...

Lovely flowers Barbara. And when those flowers are roses....even better.

Cindy@Cutepinkstuff said...

Thanks, again, Barbara! Oops, I see the link. I was looking for a blue font. That's what I get for not reading carefully. I really appreciate what you did!

Anonymous said...

Goodness sakes! those roses are gorgeous!!

Jane said...

These roses are spectacular! Thanks for sharing them.
Jane (Artfully graced)

Ruth Welter said...

Thank you for all the beautiful roses Barbara...they are greatly needed on a winters day.


Alison Gibbs said...

Beautiful roses Barbara.
We have been seeing on our News Programs all of the snow you have- it is an amazing ammount.
I saw Cindy's fabulous buys on her blog.

Vintage Rose Collection said...

oh what gorgoues blooms Barbara!!!I can't think of a prettier way to start my day than with roses!
Sending YOU warm hugs this Valentine's Day angel friend!