Thursday, November 20, 2008


Now that life is just a bed of roses...
and I’ve finally stopped dancing around the living room because Waterside Cottages is being published and will be in bookstores by July, I’d like to take you on a little tour.
Several weeks ago, I was in Palm Springs, California for Jenna and Ira's amazing wedding.
Yes, those ARE orange slices under the glass table top!

The wedding took place at the legendary Parker hotel.

Originally Gene Autry's Melody Ranch, the Parker hotel was converted by Merv Griffin into a luxe hideaway for Hollywood VIPs.

Today, it exudes retro glamour recently reinterpreted for today’s LA hipsters.

The contrast between the desert terrain...

and the hotel’s thirteen acres of landscaped gardens is dramatic.
Set like jewels into the landscaped grounds,

there are outdoor seating areas,

cool places to grab a quick snack or a light lunch,
and a discreet army of staff to cater to your every whim.

The Parker's lobby is a feast of iconic retro gems, such as this egg chair...
and assorted Mid-Century modern furnishings in a rainbow of colors and textures.
Check out their glass collection!
The wedding was no less colorful!

The ceremony was held at sunset under a canopy of silvery olive trees and paper lanterns.In keeping with the hotel's retro vibes, the bridesmaids all wore vintage flower pins in their hair.

Each one was different.The yellow and orange metal flowers were echoed in the wedding party's bouquets.

(behind Jessye, the bride's sister, her stepsister Abby tweaks her husband Sean's hair--see my Sept 24 post for a peek at their NYC wedding)

The table centerpieces reflected the citrus shades color scheme.
And remember that army of staff that I mentioned? When no one was looking (between courses), they decorated the trees with lemons, fragrant blossoms and moss!Hope you've enjoyed the party. Next up, a behind the scenes look at one of my favorite romantic LA shops.


Anonymous said...

This is just beautiful and such a unique wedding setting. The dresses and the wedding gown are lovely. Great photos.

Congrats again on your good book news.

NeereAnDear said...

What a clever idea the orange slices under the glass table top... I love how they kept with the theme... the vintage flowers in the hair and the beautiful bouguets ....Stunning dress on the bride...

Do like all the retro.... fascinating... its all coming back too...

Fab post

And you know we are all happy as clams that you are going to have that book printed so we can all admire your work!!



Susie Q said...

Beautiful photos! I love weddings with such personality!


Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

I love the retro hip look! What a great wedding that must have been. You get to go to the best places!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your pictures of the wedding were smashing...beautiful place. Happy to hear about your book, I can only imagine how excited your are.

Anonymous said...

Love all the creative ideas used....AND...all the retro decor. Such a lovely couple and wedding....:)

Can I stop dancing now....LOL..:)
Again, Congrats....!!

Georgia Peachez said...

That is just too gorgeous for words, everything about that wedding! I'm so excited about your book, I can't wait!! xo, suzy

Julie said...

I love the oranges...what a creative way to use the stunning color!

Sandy McTier Designs said...

What gorgeous pictures!! The bride is stunning.
I used to go to Palm Springs as a kid and loved it.
Hope you and your family have a wonderfully blessed Thanksgiving!

NeereAnDear said...




FrenchGardenHouse said...

ack! I've been so busy that I missed all your posts. What a lovely wedding. even if it's in the desert.:)

xo Lidy

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Oh my gosh! This is just so much fun!

Little Leslie said...

What a fabulous venue for such a gorgeous wedding, with gorgeous people. It's a modernist fantasy. I gotta go down there to see this place... but not til the fall.