Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Waterside landscapes try the patience of gardeners. Few plants can adapt to sun-baked sandy soil, harsh winds and salt spray.

Amazingly, there are plants, such as nasturium, day lilies, giant hibiscus and echinacea, that love, or at least tolerate, these conditions.

Choose hot color flowers. Unlike pastel blooms, red, orange and yellow blossoms stand up well to relentless sunshine.
Plant short annuals and perennials instead of tall ones. In windy locations stake everything!

Grow modern shrub roses and heirloom rugosa types (with deeply crinkled leaves.) Both thrive in coastal locations.

Add an evergreen backdrop to serve as a windbreak. This looks especially attractive contrasted against gray, silver and pale lavender plants.

Hold off erosion with hidden barriers and decorative edgings.
Place containers and windowboxes in sheltered locations. Filled with enriched soil you will be able to grow flower varieties that shun sandy soil and full exposure to the elements.

A few days my BFF Natasha Burns of Artistic Creations sent me an email saying "Don't look at my blog until you get a package from me in the mail."

Since I love surprises, I complied -- but it was hard.

Yesterday, the package arrived and I was speechless. Natasha sent me a watercolor that she painted from a photo of a Positano view I posted.

How did she know it is my favorite photo of the entire ridiculous 1600 photos I shot. Natasha isn't just talented... she's a obviously a mind reader!

Even though I've barely unpacked from my trip to Italy, I'm hitting the road again. This time, I'm heading for The Hamptons for a waterside vacation that's closer to home. See you next week.


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Jane said...

Love your photos...what is the red bloom within the rounded leaves?
They're beautiful!

I am not much of a gardener, but I do love color in my yard. Crotons are among my favorites...mixed with sea grape. I am always searching for plants that will tolerate the sandy soil, salt air, and heat we have in my yard.

Jane (Artfully Graced)
ps Thank you for your kind comments re: my photos of Honeymoon Island.

Drawn to The Sea said...

Hi Barbara,
Gorgeous photos & great advice. I can tell I'm going to love Waterside Wednesdays... I'll be checking the links after I get some snooze time.

I'd planned a new post, but my week has taken such a crazy turn. I've linked to an existing one... (again). Hopefully my ducks will line back up. I need to get back on Island Time quick ;-)

My Castle in Spain said...

happy vacation ! and i've just seen you were in Positano...ah..this is wonderful..
thank you very much for your visit

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Love those seaside gardens...we lived on the beach...and seagrapes were the plant of choice near the water...oh and beach daisies. Much easier inland a bit...away from the salt!

Barbara Jacksier said...

Those are nasturium. They are amazingly easy to grow from seed. You just poke them into the ground or sprinkle the caper-size seeds on the ground and top with about 1/4 inch of fresh soil. In 3-4 days the leaves sprout and about 2 weeks later you will see buds. They come in all sorts of colors. As an added bonus both the peppery leaves and flowers are edible.

Julie Marie said...

Hello Barbara, what an honor to have you visit my blog! I recognized you immediately from my reading Romantic Country magazine! Your blog is absolutely beautiful... the seaside gardens take my breath away... I first saw your new book on Roberta's lovely blog, I must order it (autographed, of course)... Your pup Belgium is adorable... doggie kisses Belgium!... Going to browse the rest of your blog now, thank you... Julie Marie

Anonymous said...

nasturium are lovely and easy flowers to grow -so cheery as well. Beautiful post!

Maria Killam said...

Hot colours for hot weather! I did not know that!! Thanks so much for the lesson!

Natasha Burns said...

Loving the photos and tips Barbara!
Wow the Hamptons! I've read all about that area and it's one place I'd love love love to see!!! Have an awesome time away! xo

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Gorgeous post, Barbara! I'll try to get something together for next Wednesday.
I actually had photos of the condo on, earlier this week. Not really on the water photos but our waterside decorated rooms on the water.:-)

Does that qualify?

Barbara Jacksier said...


You can "cheat" just link back to that post!

Joan@anythinsggoeshere said...

Thanks for inviting me. I will go back to my blog and add a link! It is lovely here!

Natasha Burns said...

LOL Barbara, thanks for your email - looks like you sorted it all out :)
I'm so glad you like the watercolour. How did I know it was your favourite photo? Because it was MY favourite photo of yours, and so of course, it had to be yours too! hehehe!!! Oh yes, and I really AM a mind reader....!! Have fun in the Hamptons my friend! xo

Unknown said...

Hi Barbara! Oh these photos are just amazing!!! All the gorgeous colors, just to die for!! Wonderful information too!! I cant wait to get Waterside Cottages!! I am so excited for you :)

Marysol said...

Barbara, you have a very artistic eye, not to mention, you also have a very talented friend.

Alison Gibbs said...

What wonderful photos you have shared with us this week.
Such beautiful gardens and plants

Shellbelle said...

Hi Barbara, I almost forgot about Waterside Wednesdays, so I'm glad I dropped by today. I couldn't find all the rules (the link took me to a book review) but if I remember right I think we all voted to have it pretty well open, as long as it was watery or beachy. Anyway, I had posted today about a lovely bed and breakfast in Dunedin, Florida just five blocks from the water. I love their gardens, so I hope this is okay for this week.

Love nasturtiums, I used to grow them at my beach house and should try them here. I'm a couple of miles off the beach now, but my "soil" is still sand! :)

Creations by Marie Antoinette and Edie Marie said...

Congrats on the beautiful picture.What a very nice gift.Its just beautiful and so you.The flowers are brilliant.I'm glad some things grow near the beach.XXOO Marie Antionette

Lisa @celebrate CREATIVITY said...

Beautiful photos and what a nice gift from Natasha. She's very talented and I love popping by her blog too.

shabbyfufu said...

Ahhhh, so nice to see color at the seaside. About all that grows at our beach right now is sea grape and sea oats! I am going to try and post a "beachy" recipe tomorrow if I can find the time to cook what I have in mind. TTYL~ XO~ Janet

MomMom said...

I love, love, love the gorgeous pictures of the seaside gardens. Thanks so much for sharing.

J - Pacha Mama said...

seaside gardens are often overlooked as in-competition with waterviews... but i see them as complementary to the vast expanse of blue. thanks for this post.

Eileen @ Cottage Beach House said...

Lovely pictures of flowers that like the beach. I have found my hibiscus like the garden down the shore here in New Jersey. And this time of year the gardens at Hereford lighthouse are still so pretty. Your photos are inspiring!