Friday, June 22, 2007


Okay folks, I’ll solve yesterday’s mystery. The photo of the lobster weathervane was supposed to accompany the story of Missy and Michael’s Maine summerhouse.

Maine is the home of THE best lobster rolls. For those uninitiated, a lobster roll is a toasted top-split hot dog bun stuffed with just-caught chunks of lobsta (the local pronunciation) dressed with a hint of mayo. If the chef is feeling creative, there may be some finely chopped celery or a lettuce leaf.

My friend Rich introduced me to Missy’s paintings long before I got to meet her in person and told me that Michael was a native New Yorker, as am I.

One morning in June, Rich and his terrier Rupert (that’s Rupert with me on the ferry to Little Diamond Island), Missy, Dan and his assistant Phil met at the ferry terminal in Portland, Maine. After loading all of the photo equipment, photo props and groceries (there are no stores or restaurants on Little Diamond) in large rolling carts and loading them onto the boat, we scurried to the upper deck.

It was a pretty clear morning and the view of Portland harbor and the outer islands was spectacular. But it was freezing. Dan gave me his jacket to wear and Rupert hopped on my lap and worked his way back inside the jacket, which is where he stayed for most of the 15-minute ride.

When we arrived at the island, we had to unload all of our stuff onto the dock and reload it into the little wagons that the residents keep at the ferry house. We trudged across to the other side of the island, carting the largest cases (weighing between 75 and 90 pounds) that didn’t fit into the carts.

There were so many birds singing and flitting about that I was tempted to bail on the caravan and just sit under a tree and enjoy the morning. Obviously, I didn’t give in to the impulse. I was there to work. And, as we photographed, Missy worked, too... on a new painting of fresh Maine clams (

The shoot went splendidly and I did escape from time to time using the excuse that Rupert needed a walk. Love that dog!

FISH TALES: The Lobster Chronicles is a must read for anyone interested in life on a Maine Island. Author Linda Greenlaw began her commercial fishing career as a cook on a swordfishing boat, worked her way up to become to become the first woman to captain one, then switched to lobster trawling.

After writing about her adventures far and wide, she co-wrote a cookbook with her mom Martha. In addition to the family’s fabulous seafood dishes, there are baked goods, veggies and even some meat. I’ve tried a half dozen so far and all have been keepers. Visit for a few sample recipes and more about Linda’s books (there are 5 to date.)


wovenheart said...


So glad I've found your blog!!! Can't wait for your book! Love your chicken story! One of my favorite things about my mom's little lake cottage is our book that people have randomly wrote in for the last 33 years. Some told of their time spent visiting that particular day, some have drawn pictures, pasted pictures and added envelopes full of nature finds, etc. Just a great book of memories! When you ask my mom's grandchildren about their favorite thing about the lake house ALL of them say 'the book'~~~they have all loved looking through it over the years, especially finding comments & doodles left when they were younger and now some of them are in their mid-twenties! Anyway, looking forward to going with you on your book journey!~Dona Morrison

restyled home said...

What a beautiful blog! I am now in search of your cottage book...if it is anything like the livingroom shot at the top of your blog, it will be heavenly. I love vintage cottage style and love showcasing it on my blog. It's a beautiful world we live in!!