Thursday, June 21, 2007


My goal yesterday was to finish up Chapter 2, about an amazing Victorian style summerhouse on Little Diamond Island, by mid-afternoon and blog about it in the evening.

But, sometimes things don’t go exactly as planned.

After dinner, I went back to my computer to read through the text once again and make a few more edits. My chickens were happily roaming the garden.

It was almost dark when my husband asked me if it was okay that the chickens were still out. No, it wasn’t okay. I had forgotten about them.

Usually I leave the coop open when they are out so they can go back and lay eggs, have a snack or take a sip of water. However, I recently adopted 4 baby chicks (Chocolate, Chip, Holly and Helene) that can't go out yet.

Since their coop door was closed and they were unable to wander back in, they had settled in for the night roosting on chairs, in tree branches, even the roof of the coop. I shooed some of them in and carried in the ones who were really asleep. Nine got home safely. One was missing, Pedro.

My husband and I beat the bushes, scanned low-trees with flashlights, you name it. No Pedro. I was thoroughly miserable. She’s a senior member of the flock and though past her egg-laying prime, much loved.

I leashed Belgium and took him out hoping he would catch her scent and lead me to the spot where she was holing up. No such luck. He was far more interested in eating grass but he did sniff out a box turtle.

I finally went to bed, setting the alarm for 4:30 AM. I knew I had to be up before dawn to try to find her before the foxes woke up.

This morning I renewed the search, At 5 AM, I heard a fox in the distance but there was still no sign of my missing chicken.

About fifteen minutes later, I was on the porch and heard a flutter of wings and a kerplunk. I ran out and there was Pedro by the door of the coop. She had obviously been up in a tree somewhere near the coop and had somehow evaded our flashlight search. I opened the door for her and she cheerfully walked into the coop’s completely fenced in yard. I was rewarded with an egg from one of the other members of my small flock.

I was so relieved that I started pruning overgrown shrubs like a madwoman. I let Belgium out of the house to keep me company.

Within minutes he found the box turtle again and this time decided it would make a great chew toy. I rescued the turtle and moved it into the woods outside of the fenced in backyard garden.

Pedro seems none worse for her adventure. I, on the other hand, am exhausted from going to bed late and getting up early. I've had enough of domestic pets and wildlife today for today.

I’ll tell you about Missy and Michael’s summerhouse tomorrow.


Vintage Rose Collection said...

Barbara, your story was a delight to read tonite.. Im on my way to bed, early, for once, and your adventure put me in a cozy mood to relax in bed and read something coountryish..Your day sounded like something out of little house on the praire, ( one of my favorite shows). If only all our days were that simple huh...
Sweet dreams dear friend :)

Natasha Burns said...

Oh what adventures you had! Glad to hear there was a happy ending to Pedro's story! Belgium is such a beautiful dog!!!