Thursday, June 7, 2007


Yesterday’s project was to fine tune the section of the book that defines the elements of waterside style. You’ll be hearing more about this subject over the coming months.

One of the fastest ways to anchor a room by the water is with pattern. You can make a big commitment with wallpaper, rugs and upholstery fabric or test the waters with pillows and wall art.

Thibaut’s new Seaside collection features carefree coastal designs (at a price). Motifs include shells (see above), tiny fish and underwater scenes in beach blues, kelp greens and sandy colorways.

If you are feeling creative (or broke), however, you can always craft a wall display using framed greeting cards or images cut from books.

Here, the prints are bordered with striped fabric. Twigs rubbed with white paint outline each print and form the frame.

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CIELO said...

I love the sea, and its soft pallete of blues and greens, and that seashell pattern is just perfect.

Hope I'm not too late to invite you to our "Dessert Carnival", sponsored by the house in the roses... come and see; don't miss the fun!