Tuesday, July 3, 2007


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MUTUAL ADMIRATION SOCIETY: Last Monday, I mentioned SUMMER, Suzanne Brown’s new book. On Wednesday, on my way to visit a friend’s summer place, I stopped at Borders to buy a copy to give as a thank you gift.

My hostess adored the book and fixed Suzanne’s recipe for crab salad-stuffed tomatoes during my visit. It was delicious. My friend added a few snips of fresh tarragon to the mix.

When I got home, I found this e-mail:

Hi Barbara, Someone passed your blog on to me this past week; I’m so glad you grew to appreciate my book, SUMMER: A User’s Guide! I wanted to let you know that your new book looks like it will be right up my alley--I very much look forward to reading it. Good luck!” Suzanne

OTHER NEWS: Chapter 4 is almost done. Donna’s Bethany Beach cottage is newly built. It was designed with houseguests and family gatherings in mind. Decorating inspirations and entertaining ideas galore! Here’s Donna’s favorite way to serve crabs.

Catch or buy about 4-6 Maryland blue crabs per person depending on their size.

Boil for about 15 minutes until they turn bright red.

Drain well and sprinkle liberally with Old Bay seasoning.

Need help on how to eat a hard shell crab? Suzanne provides detailed directions in her book!

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