Monday, July 2, 2007


Today’s the day. It’s my birthday. Although in truth, we’ve been celebrating for a week now!

First it was the scribbled “Happy Almost Birthday” on a set of pretty French market signs that a dear friend sent me as an early gift. Next it was several books about France (since I already know that a trip to Paris is my Big Gift). Yesterday it was a Tom Tom, GPS system for my car (confession: my nickname is wrong way).

I’ve always loved birthdays, mine or other folks. It’s as exciting making someone else feel special, as it is being the recipient of the royal treatment.

Years ago when my husband’s father was ill, we decided that birthdays shouldn't be one day; they should be longer. It was too much pressure to expect to have a great time on the exact day. It’s a recipe for trying too hard to enjoy the day.

So, in our family, you get a week in either direction. It's much more fun.

Anyhow, true to my obsession with land’s end, on our trip to France we are going to spend a few days on the Normandy coast. We’re staying at a 5-room B&B in a 17th century convent a few streets from the port of Honfleur. The breakfasts (with fresh bread and homemade jam) are served in an old cider house or in a courtyard garden (photo above).

In true French cottage style, it has exposed beams, color-washed plastered walls and a mix of formal and informal furnishings.


Cindy @ My Romantic Home said...

Happy Birthday! Wow, sounds like you are having a great one this year!

I love that photo...beautiful!

Vintage Rose Collection said...

Barbara, Best Wishes for the perfect Birthday! Judging by that photograph, it going to be a magical one!
You Deserve it sweet friend! This is your year! Enjoy!


Arlene said...

A very Happy Birthday Barbara! I think celebrating for an entire week is a wonderful idea....Your Paris trip sounds wonderful too...someday, I swear, I will get there!

Tara said...

Have a wonderful birthday Barbara! xo~ Tara

Trisha said...

What a great idea to celebrate all week long! I hope you have a fabulous birthday (week).