Sunday, August 5, 2007


Ever since last week’s photo shoot at Brooke and Rafael’s beach house I’ve been daydreaming about glass. Not ordinary window glass… but types that capture the depths of the sea.

Brooke loves glass and has used it extensively throughout her cottage. She explained to me her obsession is based on the magical qualities ‘the right glass’ brings to a room—especially one by the water.

Glass surfaces are always changing. They look different at different times of day and in different weather. They never look the same twice

Where can you add glass to your home? Let me count the ways:
* Throughout the house glass fixtures and globes add interest to inexpensive lighting fixtures. And, chandeliers can be used in every room. Think about using several small chandeliers in a row!
*Glass tiles are ideal for backsplashes in the kitchen.
* Molded glass can be used for breakfast bars and shelves.
* In the bathroom, glass tiles are ideal for every surface from walls to countertops.
* Tiny mosaic tiles brighten stair risers, window surrounds, frames and ledges. The two narrow photos, shown here, are from Oceanside Glass Tile (
* Mini glass or mirrored murals make captivating inserts in fireplace surrounds.
* On tabletops thick glass bowls and vases capture light.
* Individual large glass tiles can serve as coasters
* Collect crystal beads and boboches to dangle from tablecloths, candlesticks…everything! The cabinet adornments are from Enchanted Treasures (

When choosing glass, you need to check out its color, as well as its thickness. Density and composition determine the sense of movement you see when light hits it. Look for bubbles and wavy finishes that create dazzling effects.

Isn’t it time you paid more attention to glass? After all a home filled with gorgeous glass is a fabulous reflection on YOU.

And, speaking of FABULOUS

Last night, at THE social event of the season, I rocked the night away to MainStream’s great rock reunion. The party was to celebrate my friend Robin’s FABULOUS 50th.

The theme was tropical to the max. There were eight-foot high, light-up palm trees, tiki torches, parrots, flower leis for one and all and snacks served in coconut shells.

For those of you who have worked with-- but never met --Ellen, my associate editor at Harris Publications, she’s the saxophonist on the right.

***** BLOG DU JOUR *****
Since I was still in a luau mood today, I decided to visit It's my one-stop reference whenever I write, prop or decorate in South Seas style. Lose yourself in the fascinating links. You never know where they might take you.


Jackie Von Tobel said...

Check Out Oceanside Glass Tile at It's my absolute fav. Their combinations of iridescent mosaic tile are to die for. Your photo shoots looks like a blast - so does the party. You are having too much fun girl!

Vintage Rose Collection said...

Barbara, your party sounds like a great time! 50 never looked so good! Ellen you look fabulous too darling!

fabulous fifi said...

Leave it to you to turn a photo shoot into a great post on suggestions and ideas regarding how to incorporate glass in your home. Once an editor always an editor!
The party must have been fabulous. Wish I had been there.

FrenchGardenHouse said...

I love all the glass, tiles are popping up in so many great kitchens, floors(!!) and bathrooms, I am so tempted to just remodel for the tiles! Love them, and their fabulous colors.

Looks like a fun party too, Paris, parties, photo shoots at wonderful homes, I know it's a lot of work, but it does seem so very interesting and F*U*N!!