Thursday, August 2, 2007


On Tuesday, Dan and I met in Delaware to photograph a beautiful beach cottage for the book.

We each drove down the night before -- Dan from NYC, me from Virginia. The toughest thing about shooting cottages in gorgeous locations is while everyone else is on vacation, we are there to work. No sun and surf for us.

Brooke and Rafael’s beach house is filled with bright colors and a sense of fun. It’s truly a reflection of Brooke. A professional designer, she juggles work, two houses and four kids (all under 8.)

At the beach, Brooke designed each room to tell a story or set a scene. The guest bedrooms are a perfect example. One conjures up a vibrant tropical paradise, another a glamorous Asian mood and a third a classic seaside getaway -- with a few Brooke-style surprises, of course.

Although they have only owned the cottage for two years, Brooke already has her sight on another property. She says she has lots of new ideas she can’t wait to get started on – hopefully, we will be able to photograph her new place for a sequel!

Despite the evidence shown in the photos here, photo shoots are hard work. We started at 9 AM and didn't drive off into the sunset until after 8 PM. However, we did get a lunch break long enough to grab some fish tacos in a beachy restaurant, however.

P.S. I only got to relax on the porch chaise for as long as it took to for Dan to shoot this photo. Then, it was back to work.

Today, instead of a *** BLOG DU JOUR ***, I have a new treat for you.

A *** VIDEO*** from the photo shoot. Just click on the link and it’s as good as being there!


PAT said...

O my goodness, Barbara, I love that chaise!

Going to go have a look at the video. I'm supposed to be cleaning...this is more fun, though.


Sue said...

Beautiful pictures and the video is the best. I really did feel like I was right there. Thanks for sharing this gorgeous location with us. Don't work too hard!

Cathy said...


That video was a kick! So much fun to see behind the scenes.

You look so rested on that chaise. I bet you spent the whole day there!

Tara said...

Love it Barbara, the video is great...tell Dan he looks good! (and Brooke too!)lol

Jackie Von Tobel said...

What's that you're drinking on that chaise? Hope it was a Long Island iced tea! The whole scene looks divine and the video was fun. said...

Hey, that cute Dan could get his own TV show!

Tutti Chic said...

What a beautiful setting!!! The video is great too! I had the pleasure of meeting Dan when he came to shoot my gardens & I was in awe of how professional but down to earth & nice he is! He put me at ease for my very first photo shoot~I was a wreck!!! Love following the progress of your work Barbara! :)