Wednesday, September 19, 2007


When my son Fred is in town, the two of us usually cook up a storm. Since this was a quick visit, I got a jump start before he arrived.

When he showed up tired and hungry after taking the red-eye home, he opened the fridge and found lots of fresh fruit and veggies (like me, he’s only slightly carnivorous), plus:

*Homemade Apple Sauce (from apples picked on our property)

* Pumpkin Ginger Soup (Sue Barnes asked for my recipe for a calendar she was illustrating and I decided to re-test it).

* Pozole Rojo (Mexican pork and hominy stew) from the September issue of Gourmet magazine (a special issue featuring the foods of Central and South America.)

I figured that Fred and I would try several other recipes from the isssue while he was here, so I stocked up on ingredients, such as frozen banana leaves, dried guajillo peppers, frozen yucca and big bouquets of cilantro and mint (we’ve had so little rain this summer that my more delicate herbs are looking pretty sparse.)

On Monday night, we decided to make a dish from Gourmet that called for hunks of meat stewed in a banana leaves. However, we substituted mahi mahi and shrimp for the meat. Instead of marinating ribs for 12 hours, we let the seafood slosh around in the homemade red pepper marinade for only an hour. It came out great.

On Tuesday night, we made Huachinango Veracruzano, which means Red Snapper Veracruz style in English. The recipe we used was from one of my favorite South of the Border cookbooks, Culinary Mexico by Daniel Hoyer. Yes, it's by my publisher, Gibbs Smith, but that's not why I love it. The recipes call for the authentic ingredients -- and since I either stock them or know where to find them -- I prefer "the real thing."

Our side dish was Yucca with Mojo Sauce (from the Gourmet magazine). There was also supposed to be a Spinach Salad but I forgot to make it.

We also whipped up two appetizers.
* Tacos with carnitas (basically spiced up bits of meat “borrowed” from the leftover pozole wrapped in corn tortillas)
* Oyster mushrooms topped with two types of cheese on a grilled red pepper raft. It was my version of something I recently ordered in a Mexican restaurant that Dan took me to in NYC.

Next week, it’s all salads and yoghurt!

*** BLOG DU JOUR ***

Whether you are a vegetarian or just appreciate the great taste of fresh natural food, you’ll want to visit Day To Day From My Heart.

Jan and her husband John run a Victorian Bed & Breakfast British Columbia, Canada. Each summer, the inn is used for cooking classe. Jan's blog features delicious recipes. I definitely plan to try her vegan German Chocolate cake.


daisy cottage said...

Well shoot, I'm tired and hungry, can I show up at your door??!!
YUMMY! And your Fred is adorable!
Have fun cooking you two!


Penny Carlson said...

Ohhhh, It all sounds so wonderful. How great that you and your son love to cook together! I need to check out that cookbook!

Susie Q said...

Now, your son is seriously handsome Barbara!

What fun to do all that cooking together! Um...Pumpkin Ginger soup. I am a serious soup junkie...have you checked out

It is an amazing place, just so beautiful and a wow for sure! And she had a recipe for a soup yesterday that I can not wait to try! I think you would really like Mary!


Mary said...

Wow, major drooling going on here! Can you come cook for me, too?!

And Sue, thanks for the lovely testimonial!

Jenn@Wallflower said... mouth is watering. I made Pozole Rojo not too long ago and it was soo good.
What a fun activity to do together. I wish my sons would cook with me. They just like to eat what I've already made.


melissa @ the inspired room said...

Oh, how yummy this all sounds!

And is that a Westie in your arms on your About Photo? My little Winston is a feature on my blog now and then. When he gets out of bed. He is 12 and he doesn't venture out more than twice a day.

Love your blog and the inspiring photos!


Gabriela Delworth said...

Hello from Toronto, Canada.

Just a quick note to tell you I love your blog and all your photos!

Gabriela Delworth

Susan Tuttle said...

My stomach is tumbling, turning, growling....I want some of that pumpkin ginger soup....and that chocolate cake you mentioned...!!!



fifi said...

No fair! WHAT does it take for a girl to be invited? Was it something I said? Next time don't forget to invite your old friend for diner.....I have very fond memories of the last Thanksgivings feast....but they are almost one year wonder I am getting so skinny!

Tara said...

Fred's a hunk and I'm hungry, I'll be right over!~ xo

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Oh, this sounds so yummy! Makes me know I need to get back in the kitchen more instead of letting Mr. Frenchgardenhouse cook every day (He's discovered he loves it, what's a girl to do besides set the table??)
and yes, feed Fifi!


Mélanie said...

Mexican food is one of my favorite . it sounds so yummie !!!
Miam Miam

KJ said...

Hmmmm, yummy! I am excited about you upcoming book. I did have a candidate for you-- a friend who owns a posh retail store in The Market Place of Long Beach. She has a beautiful restored 1920 something home. I just haven't connected with her.

Have a wonderful day!


Barbara said...

I do like red Snapper. Recipes sound delicious. Nothing better than fresh picked apples to cook with. I came home with 2 boxes full from my recent trip to the Cotswolds. A great apple area.

Tutti Chic said...

Your son is so handsome & YOU are such a good mom! Cooking together must be a blast! Those arecipes are making my mouth water~:)