Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Astute readers of The Book Blog may recall when I discovered that I’d finished a chapter but had forgotten to post a sneak preview.

Well, it’s happened again! In my headlong race to meet my deadline, I lost track of the cottage on Sunset Lagoon. Here it is.

Located less than an hour’s drive from San Francisco, Michelle and Scott’s California cottage started out as an undistinguished 80s starter home.

With lots of sweat equity and a clear vision of what they wanted, together they created a picture-perfect haven-- giving new meaning to the phrase “hands-on homeowners.

When Michelle can’t find exactly what she has in mind for a room, she and Scott make it themselves—often using antique items originally designed for other uses.
Scott used old beadboard, for example, to make a desk for Michelle when she couldn’t buy one the right size to fit into a corner of the den.

In the living room, he fabricated a coffee table from a gate, salvaged porch woodwork and some old moldings.

In their daughter’s room, he turned fence pickets into a headboard and doors from an old hotel into side rails for a one-of-a-kind bed. Scott’s mother painted a bouquet of old-fashioned roses on an antique cabinet door that hangs above the bed. Michelle added flea market letters to create the “fun” signboard.

*** BLOG DU JOUR ***

Today, instead of sharing a blog that relates to the Michelle and Scott’s cottage, my Blog Du Jour is sort of a “coming attraction.” In the near future, I’ll be introducing you to a few of my favorite mosaic artists, as well as posting some romantic homes decorated with mosaics, large and small.

Meanwhile, visit Penny Carlson of Lavender Hill Studio for a great introduction to the world of romantic Pique Assiette. (Doesn’t that sound more romantic than broken china?)

DOUBLE DELIGHT: Need something sweet to snack on while learning about mosaics? Stop by Cherry Hill Cottage. Try Tina’s Peanut Blondies or Death By Chocolate recipes or just drool over her luscious photographs.


Lisa said...

Beautiful! I love the room with all of that yummy yellow. And the handmade table is lovely.

cjan said...

Hi Barbara,

Loved your recent posts with the White rooms and also found Scott and Michelle to be "my kind of people". I have had to take an item meant for something else and improvise for years!! It's an exciting way to live.
Keeps your mind active.
Also loved the flowers and the color schemes you can draw from their natural colors. God knew what He was doing!


Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

Wow, that is my type of cottage! I think that is my favorite! I can hardly wait for your book!

I'm also big fans of Tina and Penny's blogs...great choices!

The Feathered Nest said...

Dear Barbara, your blog is such a feast for the eyes! I love dropping by to see what lovely home you've featured and especially your blog du jour! Thanks for sharing all the great photos ~ xxoo, Dawn

Vintage Rose Collection said...

Hi Barbara, You saved the best for last!!! Simply Stunning!

Penny Carlson said...

Thank you soooo much for mentioning my blog, Lavender Hill Studio, on your Blog Du Jour!

I just love reading your posts. The current cottage is so calming. I think I love it the best!

Penny Carlson said...

p.s. I love Royal Ducal! Though I don't have any. I need to keep my eye out for some.

PAT said...

That coffee table is fabulous. This is a beautiful cottage, Barbara! I can hardly wait for the book!

I enjoy Tina and Penny's blogs, so much!


Jennifer Froh said...

Penny is so well deserving of your Blog Du Jour! She's simply the best! Love your blog!

Susie Q said...

I so loved this...a wow with me! Gosh but I am excited about this book!

I so enjoy Penny's blog and have only recently found Cherry's. Wonderful places...

You asked about cute cottages in my area...I know a few..: ) I so wish mine was worthy. Not yet...will be someday...: ) Especially when I see the ones in the magazines and your book. Have you checked out the Lebanon, Ohio area for cottages? My town has the largest collection of old stone houses...some are delightful cottages. I did a post or two about some a while back bit still need to do some more. They are so pretty.


Anonymous said...

Barbara: I cannot wait for even the next word in your blogs let alone the pictures you are sharing.I am a little old senior lady in So.CA with a great love for cottage look. Your "EVERY" word so far has absolutely made me so anxious to have your new book in process. In the meantime I check daily to see what wonderful emails I may have from your address. Marie PS white is my favorite color next to pink...

Catherine said...

Awww...Beautiful!! Love the coffee table~ love taking items and finding new uses for them!

I am so looking forward to your book coming out...can hardly wait!

Looking forward to your coming attraction on mosaics..love mosaic's, and Lavender Hill Studio & cherry hill cottage are both wonderful blogs!!

Enjoyed the sneak preview !!

melissa @ the inspired room said...

Penny is such a lovely person with great talent, a perfect combination. I enjoy her so much, both her blog and her visits to mine. She is always so gracious. I am glad you featured her blog. She is very deserving!