Monday, September 17, 2007


No you’re not seeing double… just double beds! Even though I just featured white rooms, there was so much more I wanted to share that I decided to go ahead and continue the conversation!

When I was growing up my mother’s friends frequently gossiped about a neighbor who had an all-white living room. They assumed her poor little girl was kept locked in her bedroom.

“Who’d want dirty hand prints or peanut butter and jelly stains on the cameo white sofa or snowy carpet?”

Plus, they assumed the neighbor was totally uncreative.

“Why would she use only white when there are so many pretty colors you could decorate with?”

Although I kept my mouth shut, I thought the white living room was blindingly beautiful. And, I knew for a fact that my schoolmate did her homework sitting on the couch.

I remember her once telling me how she’d accidentally gotten crayon marks on the couch. Her mother made her promise to be more careful but didn’t kill her.

While all-white rooms are supremely serene, White-Plus-One schemes let you have your cake and eat it too!

Can’t decide on what color to team up with white? Let nature be your guide.
Step into a flower garden, It’s a no-fail source of color schemes.

DOGWOOD: Green and white always look fresh.

LOTUS: Yellow makes surrounding whites appear warm and cozy.

BLUE SALVIA: Blue and white has a nautical feel.

ROSES: Pink and white whispers romance.

CHERRY BLOSSOMS: Pink, Green and white are ultra feminine.

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For those who still haven’t gotten their fill of wonderful whites, a must-visit site is A Vintage White. If you love antique linens and lace, this is a daily read.


FrenchGardenHouse said...

We have always had a near white couch, kids, dogs, cats and lots of visitors, too. It works out. Now with the blessing of slipcovers, it's a real GOOD THING.

Love the photographs of the flowers, nature gets white right!

The Desperate Diva said...

Hi Barbara, I too love white. Although I don't have WHITE rooms, I chose furniture pieces and mouldings throughout our home in soft creamy whites. Our gourmet kitchen and all our baths have cabinets of warm soft tones of white. I LOVE IT.
I added pinks, greens, yellows and browns as a blanket of warmth. The mix is PERFECT and is so quaint and charming.

I love how you chose flowers to point out how each color gives a different feel and charm just by changing the color choices.

Thanks for sharing this beautiful blog with us. I loved it.

Hugs to you,

PAT said...

Beautiful post, Barbara. This goes right along with what I'm planning for the lake. Thanks you, for great inspiration!

I visited A Vintage White and enjoyed it so much! Does this blogger have another site?


Mom2fur said...

Sounds like your friend's mother was a very patient woman! White can be very elegant, but I do find it hard to look at so much of it. I feel like I'm going snow blind.
Growing up, my husband had a friend who's mother kept a velvet rope across the entrance to the living room. I kid you not. It wasn't white, either. But nobody except company was allowed in that room. How ridiculous is that?

Vintage Rose Collection said...

Barbara, Thank you for sharing Vintage White and Jean's blissful home.. Two of my favorite places...Whites and beiges are the perfect backdrop for peace and serenity aren't they...

Jennifer Froh said...

You can't go wrong with white, can you? Clean, crisp, fresh, pure.. I LOVE IT! said...

How can you get tired of whites this pretty?

Trisha said...

how kind of you to mention my blog "a vintage white. I have many exciting things in store and hope that you stop back soon. I am an avid admirer of your blog and live vicariously though your travels. You never disappoint.
Sincerest Thanks,

Trisha Evans
a vintage white