Friday, July 2, 2010


It's almost 6 AM and I woke up over an hour ago to check on all of my chickens.

Today is my birthday but I'm not in a celebrating mood.
Yesterday a critter attacked my chicken coop. I lost one precious 5 week-old chick and another is seriously wounded. One of the senior girl's is also recuperating from a leg problem. My home resembles a veterinary infirmary.

I'm afraid my second sea glass post will have to wait. I haven't received any of the photo's that I wanted to feature. But I hope you'll enjoy a photo gallery of intriguing doors that I snapped on my recent trip to England and Scotland.Now converted to into a chic two-story private home, these iron-embellished doors once opened onto a carriage house that served a gorgeous Georgian city house in the town of Bath.

Stone lions guard the door of Castle Venlaw's North Lodge gatehouse in Peebleshire, Scotland. (more about this venerable castle hotel and its amazing restaurant next week)

Cottage doors are my obsession. In Avebury no two doors are alike. Most are handcrafted.

Many have adorable (and practical) porticos to protect family and friends from the rain.
Nine lite (pane) doors are very popular cottage choices. Some are long and thin.
Others are shorter and wider.
Fan-shaped transoms (called Fanlites in Britain) are de rigeur in upscale abodes.
Antique glass inserts like these bubble transoms come in a pastel rainbow of shades. Did you notice the fairie and mushroom knocker? Mushrooms are a recurring motif in Avebury. I'm not sure why. Does anyone know why?
This old double door has its original stone lintel.
Very few doors are left natural like the two above --most are red, yellow or blue.
Unpainted doors are often found in country settings. This rustic architectural relic is embellished with ancient metal studs and hardware.
In the historic town of Bath, elegance reigns supreme.
Entryways exhibit classic proportions and Roman-inspired details such as columns, pediments and over-the-top stonework.
In Great Britain neo-classic buildings are called Georgian architecture in honor of the kings-- Georges I, II, III and IV-- who ruled when this style came into vogue.
I also photographed this slightly less formal 'Dutch' door in Bath. I love old-fashioned double doors, especially this one which is topped with a stone shelf.
In the medieval town of Lacock, I discovered a random plank Dutch door side by side with a more modern door in a row on of historic townhouses.
One last thought: Doors in Britain can be very bright!


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Happy Birthday Barbara, hope it's a good one. Sorry to hear about chicks. Pretty doors too.

LillyB said...

Happy Birthday Barbara!! I hope you have a beautiful day! I love the doors...they hold such possibilities...don't know what we are walking into or away from ;)


The Quintessential Magpie said...

Barbara, I just surfed in and see that you are having a birthday. I'm so sorry about your chickens, but I still would like to wish you many happy returns! Maybe you can celebrate when you're feeling better. I hope so!

Love these doors! I am always fascinated by wonderful doors and gates, and you've really done a great job of capturing some gems. Thank you for sharing, and that car is a hoot! A colorful character must own that for sure!

Happy Birthday...


Sheila :-)

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Hi Barbara! I am so happy that I stopped by for a visit! First of all, Happy Birthday! Second, I am sorry to hear about the chicks. So sad to lose something so innocent and so very young.

I love your post. What is so intriguing to me are all of the styles of doors. What a joy to see these fabulous photos! Thank you for sharing with us.

We are off to the beach and I will look for sea glass!! Infact, one beach has washed up sea glass. Hope to score me some.

happy 4th!


Low Tide High Style said...

Happy Birthday Barbara and so sorry to hear about your chickens!


NeereAnDear said...

Barbara sorry to hear about your wee chickies ..... I do hope they recover .... mean critter... hope you catch the varmint...

On to your Birthday!! Happy Happy!! I hope in spite of your not wanting to celebrate you did something fun and ended up enjoying the day...

This... to me... as an artist is a fascinating post... I love the contrast in colors ...amid the natural ... the different shapes ....and sizes... the amazing styles... what fun to do a whole series of photos on this subject...



Queen B. said...

** hAPPY bIRTHDAY ! **

Drawn to The Sea said...

Oh poor little chicks, they're such sweet little things. Hope your birthday was good, despite the misfortune.

Nice post... I'm drawn to the distressed, worn ones. Cottage doors are the best :-)


Alison said...

Oh barbara so sorry your birthday has been spoilt by something attacking your sweet chicks.

BonnieRose said...

such wonderful photos. love bright colorful doors!!!

Anonymous said...

Do you have any idea what it was that attacked your coop? then you'd know better how to prevent it happening again.

I loved seeing English doors again, especially those stout little cottage doors, so solid and unpretentious!

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

I just found your blog when I was searching for beach books online. What a beautiful blog you have. I love all of these doors. I hope your birthday improved as the day went on, and your chicks are doing better.

Donna Pizzi said...

All these door photos remind us of the ad we did for our client Old World Door, using his photos from Italy, France & Spain. You can find an image of it on our website and blogpost... We'll try to pop onto your exciting live chat with Liz Seymour tomorrow... Bravissima!

Kathy said...

Doors have been on my mind lately, I have double doors leading into my boudoir and they are more of a problem then pleasing, so I have been wanting to do one 3' 6" door now at 8' high that is custom but I think it might be so much more of a statement, maybe with a european door nob right in the center, what do you think?

tara said...

Hi Barbara, happy belated birthday to you! I am so sorry about your chickens, that is just awful, I hope the wee ones are feeling better...I have traveled to England several times and I absolutely adore the doors they have, the colors the styles, so perfect! thanks for the photos, I love the red dutch door with the stone shelf above and all those perfect urns and planters, swoon! :)

Dolly said...

Happy Birthday Barbara, I am so sorry your girls were attacked! I know exactly how you feel...they are your babies!
I am the same with my girls!
Hope your senior recovers well!

Try to enjoy your birthday!

Hugz, Dolly